Tastats, through collaboration with CricketWorld, has provided comprehensive data of International and Domestic Cricket through our popular suite of computer databases since 1994.

CSW is a Windows-based custom-built database that includes full scorecards and statistics of all

  • International cricket (Tests, ODIs, Twenty20)
  • Australian domestic cricket (Sheffield Shield and First Class, One Day competition, Twenty20)
  • English domestic cricket (County Championship, First Class and One Day competition going back to 1990, complete Twenty20)
  • IPL and other international club Twenty20 competitions
  • World Series international matches from 1977-79
  • Women's International cricket (Tests, ODIs, Twenty20) and Australian domestic cricket
  • New Zealand Men's and Women's domestic cricket (new)

CSW can be used on any computer, but best results are obtained on the latest Windows operating systems. It is successfully used on Macs by many clients, in conjunction with Windows-emulation software. Our client base consists of hobbyists, journalists, sports researchers and team-based cricket analysts.

CSW is a unique combination of statistical database, encyclopaedia and electronic scrapbook. You can retrieve over 2000 different records, tables and lists, while a powerful filter enables you to focus your search on any subset based upon a large number of different criteria. Included is brief biographical data of all players, and features enabling you to:

    • enter and edit your own player notes (up to 12000 words on each player)
    • edit information on each player
    • add up to 1000 photos or drawings of any player
    • enter and edit your own Match notes
    • import or scan up to 1000 photos of each Match
    • enter and edit your own notes on each Venue
    • import or scan up to 100 photos of each Venue
    • make queries based on specific parameters and conditions
    • qualify records
    • save records and lists to file for easy import into your favourite spreadsheet or word processing program
    • produce HTML files for website creation

For as little as 25 cents a day, your databases can be serviced by our unique updating subscription service. Subscribers can download updates within hours of the end of a match.


Without a Subscription

AUD$75.00 per module


With a Subscription

You may elect to purchase annual subscriptions to any of up to six modules:

    1. International. (Test Cricket , ODI , Twenty20 , IPL, )
    2. Australian Domestic (Australian First Class , Sheffield Shield , Australian Domestic One Day , Australian Domestic Twenty20, )
    3. English Domestic (English First Class , English County Championship , English Domestic Twenty20 , English Domestic One Day League, )
    4. Women (Test Cricket , ODI , Twenty20 , Australian Domestic, )
    5. New Zealand (New Zealand First Class , New Zealand County Championship , New Zealand Domestic Twenty20 , New Zealand Domestic One Day League, )
    6. New Zealand Women (New Zealand Domestic One Day, New Zealand Domestic Twenty20, )

Cost: AUD$50.00 per module for the up-to-date data, plus updates for a year:

    • 1 module $75.00
    • 2 modules $125.00
    • 3 modules $150.00
    • 4 modules $175.00
    • 5 modules $200.00
    • 6 modules $225.00

A commercial user is one who uses our database in their line of work, or who receives an income from using our database.
Commercial users will gain access to some extra features not available in the standard package.

Please contact us at for rates.

You may buy the database online today, and an annual subscription for it later on, or you may buy both today. Bear in mind the savings when buying a subscription at the time of purchase. You cannot buy a subscription without having bought the database.

The initial CSW database and subsequent updates can be downloaded from this website. Installation instructions will forwarded to you on receipt of your remittance.

You may pay by completing the order form on this website. On receipt of this, we will send you a PayPal invoice which you can pay securely online. Please note that you do not need to have a PayPal account to process this. Please contact us at to facilitate direct deposits.

Up-to-Date Modules 1 2 3 4 5 6
Cost without subscription 75.00 150.00 225.00 300.00 375.00 450.00
Cost with subscription 50.00 100.00 150.00 200.00 250.00 300.00
Subscriptions 1 2 3 4 5 6
12 months subscription 75.00 125.00 150.00 175.00 200.00 225.00

Hobbyist users may also purchase two supplementary applications, CSWMediaGuide ($AUD80) and CSWPlus ($AUD50), which give some higher level analyses of the data available to CSW. This is a once-only cost.